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The exceptional Rolls-Royce Nautical Wraith inspired by classic racing yachts

04/15/2016 02:16:01
The exceptional Rolls-Royce Nautical Wraith inspired by classic racing yachts
The new and unique Rolls-Royce Nautical Wraith that impresses with its style and luxury ambiance, has been recently launched.

One of the most bespoke luxury coaches ever built is Rolls-Royce Nautical Wraith built in one exclusive example. While working on it the luxury automaker Rolls-Royce was inspired by classic racing yachts and this becomes evidently true when taking a closer look at the bespoke vehicle.


unique Rolls Royce


The car’s exterior poses a clear reference to luxury yachting and is finished with a blend of Arabian Blue and English White paintwork. The same can be said for its intriguing interior, where the charmingly crafted dashboard pays tribute to the wood-finished components that make up the majority of a classic yacht.


luxury design


Several anchor motifs integrated into the dashboard veneer may be also easily detected, echoing with the maritime inspiration. The same anchor motif can similarly be found in the car’s exterior. The Forest Fall leather seats are finished with Navy Blue details and if all that isn’t enough, there is the star struck black sky ceiling to further enhance the luxury ambiance. The lucky owner of this Rolls-Royce  is sure to feel unique in this amazing car.


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